Choosing a Medicare plan when reaching age 65 can be both daunting and confusing, not to mention the amount of mail received from various companies offering plans with pages of information with limited explanations on what is best for you.

I contacted Wallace Insurance Solutions to discuss what would be best for me both financially and most importantly, what my Medicare insurance coverage would be. Wallace Insurance Solutions are extremely knowledgeable and were very helpful in helping me sift through all the information helping me choose the right plans for me. I would strongly recommend contacting them for your Medicare needs. Let them work with and for you.  

- B. B.


 David and Paula Wallace provide excellent service for those seeking Medicare Supplement Insurance and a Medicare drug plan. They are professional and have excellent knowledge of the supplement process. They respond quickly and accurately to your questions and your needs. I have referred several people to them and I would recommend them to anyone without any hesitation or concern. They are the best in the business in my opinion.  
- B. C.


 My husband and I have known David Wallace for over15 years, and believe me he was a Godsend when we found him about health insurance plans. I was battling cancer, going through chemotherapy, had to quit a well paying job with health benefits when we made an appointment with David to talk about our options for health insurance for me and my husband. I had called everywhere to see if there was something available for me since I had cancer. With David’s expertise help, we were able to get an affordable insurance for me and to get a different plan for my husband which saved us money. You talk about answered prayers; this was an answer from heaven. Since then, every year David and Paula Wallace research the best plans for my husband and I. Last year they saved us over $111.00 a month by switching me to a different supplement plan. I recommended them to a cousin of mine a few years ago and she still relies on them every year also about her health plan. I can never thank them enough for what they have done for my husband and I. They truly care about their clients, are professional, and always reach out to you when it’s time to consider your options each year. Thank you, thank you David and Paula for helping us when we were in a dire situation and God bless you and the wonderful work you do. My husband and I highly recommend David and Paula Wallace.  
- W. & F. G.


 Dave & Paula provide a very helpful and valuable service. The information they present regarding all the available plans make it easier to compare and select the one most appropriate for the needs of the individual. They are readily available and happy to provide prompt answers to any questions that might arise.  
- B. & R. M.


 I recently turned 65 and found myself preparing to navigate the seemingly millions of Medicare supplement and advantage plans. My TV was deluged with commercials telling me why their plans were the best. Luckily I found David and Paula Wallace of Wallace Insurance solutions. They didn't take a cookie cutter approach. They went over all of my preferences and recommended a plan that was perfect for me. Their experience gave me the peace of mind I was looking for. The best thing is that they didn't disappear in December. They are always available to answer my questions.  
- M. B.


 May I express my appreciation and complete confidence in Wallace Insurance solutions. We contacted David and Paula Wallace and they asked a few questions about what we wanted to accomplish and a list of our medications. David gave us a plan that not only exceeded our goals but saved us money with the plan they suggested.

Since then David and Paula check with us, every year, to see if we were satisfied with what we had or if we wanted to change anything. They are always friendly, professional and willing to answer any questions.

Thank you for you assistance in the past and you may consider us a client for life.  

- B. & M. A.


 Thank you To my wonderful insurance family! Every year without fail they research and help me identify what insurance plan will suit me and my Mother best! This year my uncle suddenly moved here from a whole different state and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace were on it. They got him taken care of under a new insurance all within A matter of a couple of days and they found him a fantastic deal, better than he had! It is a blessing to have such sweet people on my side.  
- D. B.


 For many years after retirement I have tried analyzing the many medical insurance plans available in our area each year for both me and my wife on my own. It’s a monumental task which involves making a spreadsheet to compare the various plans which is complicated by the fact that the plans change each year, some plans are discontinued, and new plans become available. Wallace Insurance Solutions has been our Agent Of Record now for the past 6 years and they do all the comparisons and help me to pick the best insurance plan suited for our needs. They provide a great service, I know because I have done it by myself in the past.  
- G. H.


 Making decisions about Medicare, supplemental health insurance, and prescription plans can be anxiety-producing, but David and Paula Wallace walked me through the process with their wealth of knowledge, experience, and personal attention to my questions and unique needs. They clearly explained various options, advantages, disadvantages, terminology, and factors to consider both now and in the future. There was no pressure, and they went above and beyond to be sure I had as much information as possible to make an informed decision. The result was peace of mind and confidence in the plans I chose. I highly recommend them and have referred many of our friends to them.  
- K.


 I have been using Wallace Insurance Solutions for years. They have always given me excellent choices. I have referred others without reservation.  
- T. G.


 My wife and I had mixed feelings about the coming of the New Year. It meant figuring out which Medicare supplement to buy and choosing prescription coverage. We had no clue how to proceed. We did not even understand the terms used. I heard of something called an advantage plan. Did not know what it meant but it must be better than the disadvantage plan. Salvation from the angst came from a friend who introduced us to David and Paula Wallace. What they do is simply incredible. We gave them the names of all our doctors and of the medications we were taking. They are the dynamic duo data busters. When they were done crunching the numbers, they were able to identify the very best supplements for each of our situations.

Do you begin to panic when you hear it is open enrollment time for Medicare supplements? My wife Lois and I did until we were introduced to David and Paula Wallace. No more worries. We simply provide them the names of all of our doctors and the medications we take. They crunch the numbers and identify the perfect plans for Lois and I. Without David and Paula we would have spent hundreds of additional dollars each year.

David and Paula Wallace are my Medicare heroes. Each year they identify the absolute best Medicare supplement and prescription drug plan for myself and my wife. They have relieved us from the anxiety that came with choosing plus they save us hundreds of dollars every year. I would venture to say their annual service is worth a few hundred dollars, yet they charge nothing. I highly recommend them. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.  

- B. K.